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Yosi, The Regretful Spy (2022)

Season List - Yosi, The Regretful Spy (2022)

Serie Description: Iosi, el espía arrepentido

Yosi, The Regretful Spy (2022) Watch Online - An Argentinean intelligence agent infiltrates the Jewish community to gather information that is then allegedly used to perpetrate two of the worst terrorist attacks in Latin American history, leaving over 100 dead.

Original name: Iosi, el espía arrepentido
First Air Date: Apr. 29, 2022
Number of Seasons: 1
Number of Episodes: 8
Episode run time: 60m
Genres: , ,
Main Cast: Alejandro Awada, Carla Quevedo, Gustavo Bassani, Louise Shorter, Mercedes Morán,

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