Age of Legends (2018)

Season List - Age of Legends (2018)

Serie Description: 橙红年代

Age of Legends (2018) Watch Online - Liu Zi Guang has no memories of the past eight years of his life. When he returns to his hometown, Jiangbei, all he knows is that he wants to live life as an upstanding citizen. But those mysterious eight years are bound to catch up to him as he finds his father injured in the hospital upon his return. Hu Rong is a detective whose looks are as fiery as her personality. She's young, but her tough demeanor and unquestionable skills make her a seasoned officer. She cares intensely about her work, doing whatever it takes to protect the citizens of China. Nie Wanfeng is the leader of a criminal organization. He is a hugely tricky opponent for the police, with both his smarts and viciousness keeping him a free man. When Liu Zi Guang and Hu Rong meet, they initially struggle to get along. But their relationship grows as they both come up against Nie Wanfeng together. Things only complicate, however, as Hu Rong learns more about Liu Zi Guang's past, just as she finds herself falling for him.

Original name: 橙红年代
First Air Date: Sep. 17, 2018
Number of Seasons: 1
Number of Episodes: 47
Episode run time: 45m
Main Cast: Alejandro Speitzer, Andrew Leland Rogers, Becky Zhu Wu, Emiliano Zurita, Gus Carr,

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