The Sky Above Paris (1991) Watch Online Full Movie

The Sky Above Paris (1991) Watch Online - Suzanne has had an affair which so traumatized her that she is out of the running, romantically. Perhaps that is why she is roommates with her gay best friend, Marc. However, just because one isn't going out on dates doesn't mean never seeing or being seen by anyone, and, one day while swimming in a public pool, Suzanne is caught by surprise by a lovely young man. Her new acquaintance, Lucien, begins to spend time with her and Marc. Romance blooms among the threesome: Marc falls in love with Lucien, but he is unlucky in that: Lucien and Suzanne have become lovers.

Original Title: The Sky Above Paris
Release Date: May. 26, 1991
IMDb: 5.417
Runtime: 90m
Main Cast: Armand Delcampe, Evelyne Bouix, Françoise Patou, Marc Fourastier, Marie-Laure Wicker,

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