The Nightingale of Bursa (2023) Watch Online Full Movie

The Nightingale of Bursa (2023) Watch Online - The life of 'Cengiz', who is a singer in a tea garden in Bursa and whose biggest passion is to produce cassettes, changes when he meets 'Taskin'. The chain of unfortunate events that Cengiz, who borrowed from his brother, thinking that it would be a very good start for the tape of a composition composed by the famous composer Serafettin, the father of Taskin, lived with 'Taskin' and 'Taskin's sister 'Arzu' in this process. It will give the audience a pleasant and entertaining time.

Original Title: The Nightingale of Bursa
Release Date: Jan. 13, 2023
IMDb: 7.5
Runtime: 121m
Genres: ,
Main Cast: Ata Demirer, Aycan Koptur, Berkay Tulumbacı, Celil Nalçakan, Cem Gelinoğlu,

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