Sound and Fury (1988) Watch Online Full Movie

Sound and Fury (1988) Watch Online - This drama depicts the misery of neglected children in big cities. 13 years old Bruno is of a good family, but since the death of his grandmother he spends most of his time alone, in a phantasy world, while his mother is away at work. But then he befriends the violent Jean-Roger, who's from a severely disturbed family, where nobody cares what he's doing. In school Jean-Roger drives their teacher into despair just for fun. To separate the two boys, she starts to stimulate Bruno's interests by giving him extra lessons. When Jean-Roger fears loosing his one and only friend, he becomes even more aggressive.

Original Title: Sound and Fury
Release Date: Jun. 01, 1988
IMDb: 6.7
Runtime: 95m
Main Cast: Bruno Cremer, Fabienne Babe, Fejria Deliba, François Négret, Françoise Vatel,

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