Princess (2022) Watch Online Full Movie

Princess (2022) Watch Online - Princess is a young illegal immigrant from Nigeria who sells her body on the outskirts of a big city. Like an Amazon on the hunt, protected by her friends, she moves through a pinewood that stretches as far as the sea, an enchanted forest in which to find refuge, hide away from life and earn her daily bread. Every day, in order to survive, Princess has to steer clear of dangers and sentiments, follow the scent of money and dupe her clients. Her life is a succession of days that are always the same, one joins to another, without a break. Until one day, driven by an inner force to break the shackles of cynicism and exploitation, she quarrels with the friends with whom she shares the street and meets a man who wants to save her, but first she will have to save herself.

Original Title: Princess
Release Date: Nov. 17, 2022
IMDb: 6.8
Runtime: 110m
Main Cast: Glory Kevin, Lino Musella, Maurizio Lombardi, Salvatore Striano,

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