Pallieter (1976) Watch Online Full Movie

Pallieter (1976) Watch Online - In this film version of the Dutch-language classic ('heimat'-)novel by Flemish author Felix Timmermans, the title character is a city-boy from Lier who after recovering from a life-threatening disease changes his life completely and his name to the self-invented Pallieter. He moves in with Charlote, a naive, caring relative in the country, where he starts frolicking, no longer caring for image, career or possessions, but concentrates on enjoying life -such as a draftee relative's Brueghelian wedding- and finds love with Marieke. A dark story-line however is when projected work on the river in the name of economical progress threatens the rural landscape they have fallen in love with...

Original Title: Pallieter
Release Date: Feb. 26, 1976
IMDb: 6
Runtime: 89m
Genres: ,
Main Cast: Eddie Brugman, Herbert Flack, Idwig Stephane, Jacqueline Rommerts, Jan Decleir,

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